Brand Values

Our Core Values 



Be happy in whatever you do with the people you love and care about the most. A simple model lighthouse made from a cardboard tube, wood, and paper mache brought unbelievable joy and happiness as an 8 year old. Now it’s inspired a clothing brand and bares the name of it’s creator in their memory.


We are a brand that celebrates the love and support of those closest to us, looking out for one another just as a lighthouse does. Things don’t always go to plan and it sucks but it’s how we come out the other side that matters. Bad experiences in the end make us stronger and the support of others gets us through. Support doesn’t have to mean a big gesture and sometimes the simplest of actions have the biggest impact…. how are you?

Ethical & Sustainable

A social responsibility to consider the effect on the planet in decisions we make. That’s why we’ve chosen organic cotton for our T-shirts and recyclable materials for our packaging. Small changes make a big difference when we act as one.